When the Kapex Attacks


Hi Guys,
Had a bit of a problem with a Kapex today. Not with the saw itself but with the bloody packaging.
My first sale of the day was a KS120 to a new customer and while helping him put it into his car he gave the box an unexpected twist which caused my finger to slide under the plastic strapping and before I could do anything I had dislocated the top joint of the ring finger on my left hand.
My customer didn’t notice so once he was on his way I popped the joint back into place and headed off to the emergency department of the local hospital. I ended up snapping the tendon as well as damaging a few muscles so I’m looking at 10 weeks in a cast.


My advice to you all is beware the box, and those bloody black plastic straps. They’ll get you when you least expect it!!!!!!!





4 thoughts on “When the Kapex Attacks

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  1. I would of been tempted to give the customer’s neck an ‘unexpected twist’. All the best with the recovery.

    1. Thanks for the update Max, I hope your well. Youll need to re-subscribe to the site to keep getting updates as unfortunately I cant update subscriber addresses on this type of blog site.
      I look forward to seeing you soon mate,



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