Hi all

My name is Bryan and I own and run the Tutorwood blog site..

I’ve been an avid woodworker for over 20 years and have worked as a bespoke picture framer, furniture designer & maker, restorer, power tool trainer, and currently, as the Festool specialist at Just Tools, a major Melbourne power tool retailer.

I love working in timber, and am currently renovating my own house. A number of the current posts on this site as well as some upcoming ones have featured projects from my house.

I have some new projects and commission pieces to begin soon, so I’ll keep you updated as they progress.

Having been in the power tool industry for a lot of years, I found that one of the most common questions asked by my customers is, “where can I go to learn how to use my tools”?

As well as suggesting some evening classes and reading material, I’d always try to help them understand the mechanics of the tool as much as possible but in the retail environment, that’s not always possible.

This where the idea for this site began…

When I worked for Festool Australia as National Training Manager, as well as running training classes, a large chunk of my time was devoted to developing and writing training materials. It was here that I discovered that can I write, what I hope you’ll find, interesting material, but I also enjoy doing it.

So when I left Festool in 2009, as started in my current role I began to write down and re-work the information and techniques on woodworking that I’ve learnt over the last 20 years the into the format that you’re now reading.

As well as working on this blog I also have also been developing some tool specific training material for some of my corporate and education provider clients.

If you need any further information on this service please email me on tutorwood@gmail.com.

I aim to keep adding information and updates to this site as often as possible so don’t forget that If you have and specific requests for information on woodworking techniques or tools, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for reading,



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  1. Hey Bryon sorry about the late reply been so busy

    Dont know if you remember me (Benjamin Reddan) but I bought a festool circular saw off you when coming into just tools about a month ago. I can say this saw is totally awesome and has helped out heaps. i have not used a better circular saw than this others just don’t match up to this. I mentioned to I was a cabinet furniture making apprentice and that was doing his final piece on a Ikebana cabinet. Here is my blog that I mention to you benreddanfinalpiece.blogspot.com.au.

    Hope all is going good for you, Going to be checking out this blog a lot from what i see right now heaps of awesome stuff.

    From Benjamin

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