When the Kapex Attacks


Hi Guys,
Had a bit of a problem with a Kapex today. Not with the saw itself but with the bloody packaging.
My first sale of the day was a KS120 to a new customer and while helping him put it into his car he gave the box an unexpected twist which caused my finger to slide under the plastic strapping and before I could do anything I had dislocated the top joint of the ring finger on my left hand.
My customer didn’t notice so once he was on his way I popped the joint back into place and headed off to the emergency department of the local hospital. I ended up snapping the tendon as well as damaging a few muscles so I’m looking at 10 weeks in a cast.


My advice to you all is beware the box, and those bloody black plastic straps. They’ll get you when you least expect it!!!!!!!





Kapex, KS120 Lasers,


Hi Guys,

Well I’m into my second week of being home on sick leave and now that I’m feeling a bit more human I thought I’d take the time to sort out some of the photos on my computer left over from my time at Festool.

I came across this one which I used to use when teaching classes on the Kapex. It was taken in the service centre at Festool and shows just how wrong the  dual lasers on a Kapex can go when a  well meaning tweak of the laser adjustment screws goes wrong.

Thats all for now,

As usual, your comments and questions are always appreciated.

Keep safe and have fun,




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