Festool Hand Sanding Pad

Hand sanding pad

For those occasions when an electric sander is too aggressive or when you’re sanding delicate materials such as small mouldings, the hand sanding pad, (Festool part # 495966) is an absolute gem.

The pad features a Velcro backing which wraps around the piece and easily accepts all styles of 150mm diameter abrasives. I’ve teamed it up with the new series of Granat papers to sand small timber mouldings up to 1500 grit for a project I’m working on and have been extremely satisfied with the results to date.

Available as either a hard or soft pad and selling for under $40.00 they’re a worthwhile addition to your sanding kit.

As always, your questions and comments are appreciated

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Simple Sliding Dovetails

sliding dovetails master pdf

Hi All,

Please follow the link  shown here for a quick tutorial of the method I’m using to make sliding dovetails. I’ve used  extensively and found that with practise you can make them quickly and most important, accurately.

This, by no means is the only way to make sliding dovetails but for me it works.

If you’ve got any questions either leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Hope you enjoy it



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