New(ish) from Festool; the Sys-roll and Sys-cart

roll 3

Hi Guys,

As the Festool specialist in a large retail outlet one of my daily tasks is to move systainers. Regardless of whether they’re full of tools or not they can be a bit

awkward when you’ve got a lot of them to shift, so at our recent Festool sale when we had around 200 systainers to move I really came to appreciate the new Sys

Roll  and Sys Cart.

With the ability to hold and easily move over 10 systainers at once, the sys roll helped us make short work of our set up. Check out a video of it in action <a href="



The new sys cart is a massive improvement on the old black version. With larger wheels and a bigger footprint it’s a lot more stable and easier to drive.

At around $195 for the Sys Roll and $99 or the Sys Cart, (in Australia) the price won’t break the bank and the with the time you’ll save on moving your tools to your

worksite, they’ll pay for themselves in no time.sys cart-1

As always your comments and questions are appreciated.

Be safe and have fun.


Bryan.roll troll 1JPG


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