Do the working with wood shows have a future?

I’m not one for re blogging articles on my site but this excellent post from Stu of Stu’s Shed raises a lot of very good points which will be echoed by woodworkers such as myself who despair over the future of the working with wood shows in Australia



Stu's Shed

To start, (and in part because there are a number of sites linking to this page), let me again show you the essence of the current show, as experienced October 2012

Episode 89 The Future of the Woodshow

The full 20 minute feature of just some of the cool things you get to experience at the current wood show can be seen by following this link to Episode 90

For the customer/visitor to the wood show, the show has 100s of years of combined experience, and all very approachable people who are only too happy to share their knowledge with you. The following article is not condemnation of the show, nor should be taken as being negatively critical of any group (exhibitors, organisers, visitors).  It is, in my humble opinion some observations on how we may make the show even greater, in financially tumultuous times.   I don’t want to see…

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