I’m back in the saddle…..

Well I’ll admit that it’s been a long time between posts and a hell of a lot had gone on in the last few years. The biggest change, which has shocked most of you who know me personally, is the fact that I’ve gone from a weight of 178 kg down to a meagre 74kg. I had a number of quite serious medical problems which resulted in 7 hours of surgery and me losing 75% of my stomach.

That was back in Dec 2016 and whilst the body healed a while ago it’s been a challenging 18 months dealing with all the changes to my body and working on getting my head in the right place so that I can focus on writing again. A big thanks to those of you whose words of support have helped me move forward and and I must admit that It would of been a damn sight harder to get through this without the love and support of my wife Sharon and children. ┬áLove you all guys.




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