How Much Festool Fits in an A Class Mercedes?

Hi All,

One of my semi regular customers walked into the shop yesterday with a good sized Festool shopping list to replace the tools he’d had knocked off some weeks previously. I’d had a chat to him a few times about what he needed so after a little bit more discussion he settled on a MFT3 table, TS55 with Rails, T15+3 set version, CT26 Extractor, PS420 jigsaw, OF 1400 Router, an assortment of Systainers and one of the new Systainer trolleys to cart it all around on.
Once I’d assembled a small mountain of tools, the warranty forms had been completed and payment made I asked him where his car was and he pointed to one of those tiny older style Mercedes A class cars sitting in the car park. (See the photo below so you know the style I’m talking about.


I looked at him and said, ” Peter, that ain’t going to fit”). He just smiled and said “watch”.

Lo and behold after about 5 minutes and a bit of creative packing we got. It all in.


Enjoy yourself Pete !!!!!!!

Thanks for reading, as usual, be safe and fun



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