Festool Vecturo OS 400 Update

Hi All,

I’ve had a couple of days off work with a rotten dose of the Flu and now that my brain is beginning to work again I’ve had a chance to trawl the web to come up with any info I could find on the new Festool products that will potentially be hitting our shores this year.

The Vecturo OS 400.

From discussions I have  had with both Festool (Aust) and Fein (Aust) I can now confirm that the Vecturo is a joint venture between Festool and Fein and is a Fein Supercut that has been “Festoolized”.

Have a look at the video below that’s presented by Frank Jaksch, from Festool  Germany for a good overview of the tool and make sure that you pay particular attention to the depth stop accessory and the positioning aid that are shown in the video. The positioning aid looks particularly interesting to me as it looks to solve the challenge of getting a square plunge cut which is a problem with any oscillating tool.

I’ll be interested to see how Festool market the Vecturo in Australia as any Fein stockist will confirm that the Fein Supercut is a bloody hard tool to sell owing to the price and the requirement for different blades. ( The Supercut can use multimaster blades with an adapter)

As yet there is no firm release date for the Vecturo in Australia but given that it has not hit Festool UK yet I think that it’s fairly certain that we wont see it here till the first quarter of 2015.

Anyway, thats all I have on the Vecturo. As more information comes to hand I’ll post it here.

As always be safe and have fun,



Vectro 1

Working With Wood Show, Melbourne 2011. Day 1

Well it’s here again. It doesn’t seem like 12 months has passed since the last gathering of the wood brethren in Melbourne but here we are.

Today is set up day, which usually means a 12 hour day lugging power tools into position, hanging accessories and trying to decide if we’ve actually bought the right mix of stock.
In a rare feat of brilliance, my boss decided that well do the show this year with Bosch and fein as well Festool who we usually exhibit with.
For you guys out there after a bargain, there will be some good ones to be had.
As I have a chance to explore the show over the next few days I’ll keep you updated with any blog worthy new products including the brand spanking new cordless Fein multi master.

Anyway that’s all for today, as usual feel free to ask question or post comments



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