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It’s been a while now since Bosch Australia pulled the pin and removed themselves and their subsidiary brands such as Dremel from the bulk of specialist tool stores in Australia. Their aim was to focus on the big box outlets and whilst the their corded and cordless tools were easy to find replacement brands to cover; the problem we’ve had, was to find a suitable replacement for the range of Dremel rotary tools that we had sold.

Part of my job in the store I work at, is to source and evaluate new product lines to enhance and expand our range, so the demise of Dremel created quite a headache. I looked at a number of alternatives but found that on the whole, they were only offering  a tool, with just a few accessories. Whilst the tools they offered were adequate, I was looking for something better.

 My idea was to replace the Dremel range, which was a good DIY product, with a range which was exceptional. 

A few months ago one one of the sales reps that visit our store mentioned that his boss had the opportunity so secure the distribution rights to Proxxon in Australia, and wanted my opinion. Whilst I hadn’t heard of the brand for years I was familiar with it as I had a 12v Proxxon rotary tool back in my early woodworking days in the mid 80’s. I remember it was a tough little unit so my recommendation to him was to go for it. 

Proxxon began in the small German town of Nierbasch in 1977 and has grown to become one of the the worlds leading manufacturers of precision power tools. Specialising in high quality power tools for model builders, precision mechanics, mould makers, tool makers, opticians, goldsmiths, watch-makers and more; Proxxon are giving users high-performance power-tools in a size never offered before. The Proxxon  Micromot system offers tools ranging from bench top table saws and thicknessers, to small angle grinders and polishers, as well as an extensive range of rotary tools and bits.

If you have a delicate and detailed project, then Proxxon have the tools to help you make it happen.

After a month of negotiation they managed to secure the rights and I was delighted when my boss gave me a catalogue and price list and told me to choose what i wanted, (sometimes i love my job!).  

For our initial offering,I decided on two rotary tools, the FBS 240E, and the IBS/E, the power carver, MSG, the awesome micro belt sander BS/E and the Long Neck angle grinder, LHW, as well as the full range of accessories for all these tools.

Given the extensive range offered I felt that this was good beginning to our relationship and I’m certain the range will grow when I get more of a feel for what our customers require. 

In following posts I’ll go into the more details of the individual tools features and accessories, so please watch this space.

Thanks for reading, and as usual, your questions and comments are appreciated.




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