The Dremel Saw Max

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Every so often a new tool comes on to the power tool market that reinvents a process and changes the way we do things. The new Saw Max by Dremel is, I feel such a tool.

Dremel have created a tool which will change the way we approach the pedestrian task of cutting timber, plastics, tile, stone and steel. The Saw Max wraps all of these applications up into one easy and safe to use tool.

The heart of the Saw max contains a worm gear drive which transfers a massive amount of power to the carbide tipped blades, which gives the Saw Max an almost unstoppable feel. With the ability to connect a dust extractor the saw max has an extremely efficient dust collection system which gives you a cleaner and healthier work environment.

The Saw Max can, when coupled with the SM600 flush cut blade can be used as an undercut saw to quickly and easily undercut door frames and skirting boards to insert new flooring materials.

I’ve had a good chance to test this tool so please click this link, Dremel Saw Max  to read my in depth review on this amazing new tool.

I hope you enjoy this review, I had a lot of fun playing with the Saw Max, and writing this article

As always your comments and questions are always appreciated.

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